I choose fri:dom.

fri:dom to open up, connect and live
to move, plant, grow
to slow down.

my fri:dom is personal
it's a shelter
that allows me to say, feel, do
to follow my passions and dreams
to make mistakes.

fri:dom is you, me, us

fri:dom is where I feel at home.


empower yourself

we believe that a home should serve as a stable foundation for a life full of adventure and passion, and not something we have to work for the majority of our lives. everyone of us has the ability to build a home and we want to encourage people to take a leap of faith and create their own living environments.

our fri:dom DIY house building package aims to enable people to build their own homes from simple building blocks, using nothing more than basic tools and advanced enthusiasm.


build your own home

with our 'fri:dom' homes we want to provide affordable and ecological living spaces for people who choose to live small, simple and  self-sufficient

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creating infrastructure

together with municipalities and project developers we are working on creating viable living environments for future mobile generations that wants to possess less, and experience more

values and vision

we believe that in order for people to reach their potential and bring positive change to the world they need time and space to discover their path in life.

an affordable and healthy living environment can provide the required freedom to find purpose and happiness, without being driven by existential pressure.

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all our products are carefully chosen according to their ecological value in order to provide a healthy living environment


inter-human connections are the foundation of our existence - we promote communal living, sharing and growing


we believe in the greatness in each individual and encourage our customers to invest their own time and energy in their future homes


we are actively working towards a circular economy through conscious consumption, using renewable energies and cradle-to-cradle resources


the ultimate aim of our business endeavours is to provide people with a foundation for a (debt) free and self-determined life

order your own 'fri:dom' model

we are currently in the process of starting our first production line by september 2018 and are ready to take orders from december 2018.

Just get in touch if you'd like to hear more or want to receive a quote.

terms and conditions

here you can find the terms and conditions on which we operate